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Poems bitches!!

Even More Poems!!
More Poems
More Poems

More of the poems i found over the years!

Guys are like roller coasters . . . they either make you sick to your stomach or give you the time of your life!
*Just when you think things can't get any worse . . . they do. But ~ I've learned that life is like hour glass sand. Sooner or later, everything hits rock bottom, but all you have to do is be patient and wait for something to turn everything around.
*He holds me when I start to cry, makes me smile with just his eyes, shares my hope, my dreams, my fears, wipes away all my tears, I love him without a regret . . . I just haven't found him yet.
*Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.
*Remember that life isn't about the number of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away.
*Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one so that when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for them.
*Follow your heart, but take your brain with you.
I Love You.
I love every little thing about you --
Your sexy smile, the sound of your voice, the magic in your eyes. I love your gentle touch and the warmth I feel at your side ... I love dreaming about you. And letting go with you. I love each and every once-in-a-lifetime moment I share with you. Today, tomorrow, forever.
He told his friends that it was cool,
And when he pulled the trigger back,
It shot with a great crack.
Mommy, I was a good girl, I did what I was told,
I went to school, I got straight A's,
I even got the gold!
But Mommy, when I went school that day,
I never said good-bye,
I'm sorry Mommy, I had to go,
But Mommy, please don't cry.
When Johnny shot the gun,
He hit me and another,
And all because Johnny,
Got the gun from his older brother.
Mommy, please tell Daddy:
That I love him very much,
And please tell Chris, my boyfriend:
That it wasn't just a crush.
And tell my little sister:
That she is the only one now,
And tell my dear sweet grandmother:
I'll by waiting for her now,
And tell my wonderful friends:
That they always were the best.
Mommy, I'm not the first,
I'm no better than the rest.
Mommy, tell my teachers:
I won't show up for class,
And never to forget this,
And please don't let this pass.
Mommy, why'd it have to be me?
No one deserves this,
Mommy, warn the others,
Mommy, I left without a kiss.
And Mommy, tell the doctors:
I know they really did try,
I think I even saw a doctor,
Trying not to cry.
Mommy, I'm slowly dying,
With a bullet in my chest,
But Mommy, please remember,
I'm in heaven with the rest.
Mommy, I ran as fast as I could,
When I heard that crack,
Mommy, listen to me if you would,
I'm not coming back.
I wanted to go to college,
I wanted to try things that were new,
I guess I'm not going with Daddy,
On that trip to the new zoo.
I wanted to get married,
I wanted to have a kid,
I wanted to be an actress,
Mommy, I wanted to live.
But Mommy I must go now,
The time is getting late,
Mommy, tell my boyfriend:
I'm sorry but I had to cancel the date.
I love you Mommy, I always have,
I know you know it's true,
And Mommy all I wanted to say is,
"Mommy, I love you."
:.:.:Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness, has never danced in the rain:.:.:
; Everyone `z gOnna H.U.R.T you
; sOoner .Or. later you just have *
; tO -- decide [whOz] *wOrth* gOing
--thrOuqh-- the  p a i n
m tired of the looks
Im tired of the judgement
Im tired of the people sayin
"That girls no good"
Im my own person
Im not like you
So stop judging me
Just cause im better then you!

Go AhEaD n TaLk bOuT mE
BuT I HaVe SuM AdViCe
cLiK YoUr hEeLz ToGeThA n Sai
I nEeD a FrEaKiN LyFe!
...[iF Ur GuNNa TaLk SHiT]...[iMa PuT uP a FiTe]...
     ....[iF u DuN LiKe MeH]...[ThEN ThaTs AiGhT]...
            ...[i aM WuT i aM]...[i dO WuT i dO]...
                    ...[N iF U GoTa PRoBLeM]...
                     [B i T c H . F u K . Y o U]
TuFf tO bEaT? bYtCh iM uNsToPpAbLe
       TrYiN tA bLaZe mE? hAhA

**YouZ TaLK mAd sHYt**
**n SaY it wIt OUt a TrAcE**
**ComE oN n Be a BiG GrL**
**N sAy It To muH FacE**
**If YOU cAnT waLK dA WAlk**
**DoNT tAlk Da TaLK**
**CuZ fAkE liL bYtChs**
**GeT ouTliNeD IN cHaLK**
I'm a sexi gurl,
Sweet as hunni,
Think I'm jealous of u hoe?
Ha ha! Ur funny!

•..•*D o N t*•..•
   •H a t E •
•..•*W h A t*•..•
    •Y o U•
•..•*C A N T*•..•
•Im M i T a T e!•
Say it to my face,n
not behind my back,
you like talkin shit?
good bitch now you
gettin smacked
*+:+**call me a bitch, i noe i noe, but like ludacris said , u`z da hoe!
*+:+*...JeALoUsY iS a TeRrIbLe DiSeAsE...
GeT wELL SoOn ByTcH!
     2 aLL U BitChez tHaT TaLk ShYt BeHiNd My BaCk
          ItS nOt My FaUlT I GoT WAt Ya LaCk
              iMa cOcKy ByTcH yEa i KnO..
               bUt DaTs AiGhT cUz u'S a H o E..!

CuTe bYtCh
SeXy HuNnI
..mE jEaLoUs oF yOu..
-HaHa UR fUnNi
*~*i aM wHo i aM
       yoUr oPiniOn iS nEiThEr
    d e S i R e D
               . . .oR. . .
          R e Q u i R e D*~*

   -:|:-If ya don't know me!-:|:-
  -:|:-Then don't judge me-:|:-
 -:|:-ain't nobody said -:|:-
-:|:-u gotta luv me!-:|:-

     ~*I pLaY My GamE LiKe MoNoPoLy...
     i DaRe AnY btCh 2 LaNd oN My PrOpErTy!*~
ThErEz 2 mUcH fAmE bAcKiN uP mA nAmE...
yOo h0eZ wAnA hAtE...
bRiNg yA gAmE
yOu taLk iT•.• 
   *•.•*i LiVe iT*•.•* 
•.•uR jEaLoUz•.• 
   *•.•*AdMiT iT*•.•*
*•.   I Wh† i W
.•*   I Wh† I W 
*•.   iƒ G† Pm
.•*   †h I G† †w w֮Ч:
*•.       FUCKYOU
_.•׺ThE MorE FriendZ YoU HaVe•._
_.•׺ThE MorE ProblemZ YoU SeE•._
_.•׺CuZ EveryOnE ThatS A ParT Of uR LifE•._
_.•׺TalkS WheN YoU CanT SeE•._

  i GoT dA sAsS
         i GoT dA cLaSs
           So iF YaLL dOnT LyK mE
.:: i UsEd tO bE nIcE tILL i mAdE a SwItCh ::..
..::aLL tHESe AzZhoLeS tUrNeD mE iNtO a *.BiTcH.* ::..
If my attitude causes you Any distress Call: 1-800-KISS-MY-ASS
I'm NoT a WhoRE
I'm NoT a SLut
I jUsT gOt m0rE tO sHaKe aNd sTrUt
So aLL yOu HoEs tHaT tHiNk yOuR hOtT
GeT a cLuE bItCh
YoU'lL nEvEr hAvE wHaT I Got~
   *BeFoRe u JuDgE Me ..TaKe a GooD LoOk aT u..
dOnT u HaVe aNytHiNg BeTTa tO dO..
sEeMz 2 Me uR a LiL sLoW 2 uNdAStAnD..
iGnOrAnCe n JeALoUsY Go HaNd iN HaNd..
GeT It sTrAiGhT..*

WhEn ShIt GoEs DoWn
SiDeS gEt TaKeN
ThAt'S wHeN yOu FiNd OuT wHo'S TrUe AnD wHo'S fAkIn
3 FiNgAz lYkE a pLaYa
2 FiNgAz LyKe a PrO
1 FiNgA uP tAh yOu
CuZ yOuZ a FuCcIn hOe
now i lay down to sleep......... a bottle of vodka at my feet ..... if i die before i wake tell my freinds i drank it straight

Rocken roll
speedy weedy
birth control
we da stoners
we cut class
mess with us we`ll kick ur ass
and to all you preps who thingk ur cool
Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust, Life is short, So PARTY we MUST!!!;-)
My knees begin to shake whenever you're in sight. My mind filled with wonder, my heart filled with fright. Why did this happen? When did this start?How do I listen to my mind without breaking my heart? I'm confused, Don't know what to do. I can't think of anything except you. Should I just get over it or should I give it time? I don't know what to do because my heart controls my mind.

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