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Poems bitches!!

Even More Poems!!
More Poems

These r sum poems i have found the past years that i thought were really good!

SuRe We'Re NaUgHtY
BuT wE'rE gOiN tO hEaVeN
wE'rE tHe ClAsS oF 20o7!!
-:|:- Bad girls don't cry,
-:|:- Dumb girls need "air",
-:|:- Naughty girls need underwear, 
-:|:- Sweet girls aren't mean,
-:|:- Funny girls make a scene,
-:|:- Perfect girls have all the       class, 
-:|:- Mean girls will kick your ass,
-:|:- Smart girls will excel,
-:|:- Gossip girls will tell,
-:|:- Popular girls get all the boys,
-:|:- Little girls play with toys,
-:|:- Normal girls are nothing new,
-:|:- So which one applies to you?
Dance as if no one was watching,
Sing as if no one was listening,
Love as if your heart won't break,.`
and live as if each day was ur last,.`
and don't fear what you don't understand..`
wHiLe da WoRLd iS gOiN cRaZy
wHiLe da SkY iZ FaLLiN dOwN
OnE tHiNg u CaN CoUnT oN
i WiLL aLwAyZ bE aRoUnD
wHiLe da RaiN oUtsiDe iS pOuR`N
iLL MaKe da SuN sHiNe tHrU
iLL dO My eVeRyThiNg
cUz BaBii i LoVe YoU

I WiSh i cOuLd eXpLaIn WhAt i SeE In yOuR eYez...
HoW JuSs 1  LoOk FrOm u GiVeS My StOmAcH
I'm not suppose to love you, I'm not suppose to care,
I'm not suppose to live my life, wishing you were there,
I'm not suppose to wonder, where you are or what you do,
but I can't help it because I'm still in love with you.
Why cant u love me the way I love u -
why cant u think of me the way I think of u -
why cant u cry for me the way I cry for u -
why cant u want me the way I want u."
*Why do we always love the ones who hurt us, and hurt the ones who love us?"
*It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone,
an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone -
 but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.
*Never give up if you still want to try, never wipe your tears if you still want to cry,
never settle for the answer if you still want to know, never say you don't like him
if you can't let him go
*I loved you once-I love you still-I always have-I always will
Forget the time you walked by*Forget the times you made me cry*
Forget the times you held my hand*
Forget the sweet things if I can*I can no longer pretend*
I've got to remember now you're just my friend
Someday you'll cry for me like I cried for you*Someday you'll miss me like
 I missed you*Someday you'll need me like I needed you*Someday you'll
 love me but I won't love you
*Life without you is like a broken pencil, there's no point.
*Never say I love you, if you really don't care. Never talk about feelings,
if they aren't really there. Never hold my hand, if you are going to break my heart.
 Never say you are going to, if you don't plan to start. Never look into my eyes,
if all you do is lie. Never say hello, if you really mean goodbye. If you really mean
forever, then say you will try. Never say forever, cause forever makes me cry
*A kiss is just a kiss til you find the one you love,
a hug is just a hug til it's the one you're thinking of,
 a dream is just a dream until you make it come true,
LoVe is just a word until it's proven to you.
I hate the way you're always right, I hate the way you lie
I hate that you make me laugh, even worse that you make me cry.
I hate that you're not around, and that you didn't call.i hate the way i dont hate
not even a little bite not even at all!!I LOVE YOU!
  i lost my dad when i was young
  one shot 2 the chest w/ a gun
  i try 2 fight the pain but there is 2 much
  i feel like i need 2 be reached out and touch                                                                    
  the pain will go on day by day
  even though i cry and sometimes pray
  the pain will go on even though i pray
  because there are alot of things i need 2 say
  as u read this try 2 imagine the pain
  but u cant cause it comes down like rain
  when i finally get 2 see him i will be glad
  Rest In Peace ................. DAD
***100 memoriez, 200 jokes, 300 great times, 400 secrets
~ 1 reason ~ Best Fwiends Foreva!
***Stonerz live & stonerz die, but in da end we all get high!
So if in life u dunt succeed just fuck it all & smoke sum weed!
i cOuLd SeArCh Da wHoLe wOrLd
UnTiL mY L.i.F.e iS ThRoUgH
BuT i KnOw iLL *N e V e R* FiNd
SoMeOnE aS pErFeCt As *YoU*
:*:it took me by complete s u r p r i s e
when my heart got lost in his -eyes-
he's not at aLL what i was loOking 4
he's all i W a N t E d & [so much mOre]:*:
LoVe iS wHeN u HaD a BaD dAy
BuT wHeN u SeE *HiM* aLL tHe pAiN gOeS aWaY
*SoMeTiMeS U JuSt KiSS SoMeOnE
& u KnoW RiGhT TheN & TheRe
ThaT TheY'Re The PErSoN Ur SuppoSeD tO KiSS
[  FoR The ReSt Of uR LiFe ]*
    *the smile on my face *
    -the twinkle in my eyez-
  [[the daydreamin` i do .]] all becuz of yOu.::.
he`s the -" o n L y "- one...
who Leaves me compLeteLy
. b . r . e . a . t . h . L . e . S . s
THe Day i MeT u My LiFe ChAnGeD
The Way yOu MaKe mE feeL iS haRd tO expLaiN
U MaKe mE sMiLe iN a speCiaL kinD of way
U MaKe mE faLL DeEpeR in lOvE eveRyDay
U LoOk iN my EyeS aNd MakE it tRue
TheRe iS nO oNe in tHe wOrLd fOr mE bUt yOu
ThA mOrE i SeE oF *yOu*
ThA mOrE iT cOmEs So *TrU*
ThErE cAnT bE aNoThEr 4 Me
i KnO iTs JuS *yOu*
•:*WhEn I LoOk iNtO yOuR eYeS
mY wHoLe WorLd FeELs So RighT
BuT tO mE iTs No SuRpRiSe
CuZ uR tHe BeSt ThiNg In My LiFe*:•
*All i have to do is see him [s M i L e]
and i kno ive fallen in love*
**when i lOoked in ur eyes, i knew it was true,
my heart never lies. i was in lOve with u,
as u stOod there just loOking arOund
my whOle bOdy melted intO the grOund.
i remember the day, i remember the time,
i remember the place still On my mind.
yOu lOoked sO goOd in yOur sweatshirt n jeans,
i remember that night yOu were in my dreams
i wish i cOuld be with yOu day after day,
because i love yOu mOre than wOrds can say..**
 * ..Once Upon a Time..Something Happened To me..It was the Sweetest Thing..That ever could be..It was a Fantasy..A dream Come True..It was the Day I Met You.. *
::WhEn u SmILeD u HaD mY aTtEnTiOn
WhEn u LaUgHeD u HaD mE LaUgHiN
WhEn u TaLkEd u HaD mE LiStEnInG
AnD wHeN u ToLd mE u LoVeD mE
..u HaD mY hEaRt FoReVeR..::..
iLL LiCk YoU Up aNd DoWn TiLL YoU SaY StOp
iMMa PlAy WiTh Ya BoDy aNd MaKe YoU HoT
iMMa Do aLL ThA ThInGs YoU WaNt Me Ta Do
CuZ ToNiTe bAbY iMMa PuT iT On YoU
*HAPPINESS is LIKE peeing UR pants _ EVERYONE can SEE it BUT only U can FEEL the WARMTH*
*o*iF U WaNNa See tHa RaiNBoW*o*
*o*YoU GoTTa LiVe tHRu tHa RaIN*o*
*o*iF U WaNNa See tRu LoVe*o*
*o*U GoTTa TaKe tHa PaiN*o*

.*Be Sexy...Be True...Be Wild...Be You*..
.x.PeOpLe ChAnGe..ThiNgZ gO wRoNg..ShYt WiLL hApPeN..bUt.x.
[(LiFe gOeZ oN)].x.
!-i kNeW i wUd lOoK BaCk oN mY TeArS n lAuGh bUt i nEvER kNeW i wUd lOoK BaCk oN mY lAuGhS aNd cRy-!
The worst way to miss someone is to have them sitting right next to you and know that you
*I could fill 1000 pages telling you how I felt.. ..and still you wouldnt understand....  I wanna be the one u chill with always *huggin n Kissin* N when we aint gettin together...  i wanna b the wun ur *missin*aLwAyS tHere wEn I CaLL uR nEvA 2 bUsY oR tHiNk My PrObleMs R 2 sMaLL dA upS N dOwNs...HiGhS n LoWs U StIcK wIt Me ThRU iT AlL -   
  `v i wanna be the *1* he TuRns 2 n SmiLes At-
    WhiLe he's teLLiN all his b0yS-
     "yEaH...sHe'S MiNe
(`•.•)   *I luv**sumone*


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